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Saturday, January 21, 2011 (By. Antony SPSI)

At first I paid little attention to the case of possession of a lot happening in the environment about which he and many residents haunted spirits / Jin who feel disturbed by human presence that caused the mass trance. Because it is often reported as well as seeing a mass mediated directly from electronic media.

But there are things that make me interested in studying and find out more obvious causes of this case. And this is very different from that possessed by a mass that is usually hysterical and teriak2 and not faint. This man was originally also doing daily activities like a normal person and interact with each other, but if we examine rapidly changing and unstable character.

The reason, could be due to problems with the environment, either family problems or personal problems so that the day-to-day he shut down and likes to be alone or problem was too heavy a burden of his life so that his attitude is not reasonable. And this could turn into bad, sad, like a child, excessive ego, or a good return and many more behaviors that are inconsistent with himself exactly "Dissociation / split personality."

Multiple personality (dissociative Identity Disorder / Multiple Identity Disorder or also known as alter ego)

It is one of the psychic condition in a person where there are two (many) personalities that are not interconnected and one of these personalities are not active at the same time with another person in that person. Personal variety that can be very opposite in character. There is a personal one but loving and personal guidance as other violent and cruel. There is only one brave person and personal dignity but others crybaby and a coward.

Finally we took the decision together to find out what the phenomenon behind this incident. We directly observe and study with some people willing to serve as the research object by using the "Metaphysical Techniques."

Metaphysical what little we peeled it ...?
Metaphysics is a scientifical explanation of the verses of the Quran and Al-Hadith, which include researching as smooth-soft with exact one thing that is most valuable method to establish shalatul khasiin (reply solemn prayer.)

Meta literally means beyond or more comprehensive. So the science of metaphysics is the science of physics prepotent. Different from understanding the science of metaphysics in the repertoire of western science, the science of metaphysics which we mean here is a distinguished physicist proceed or be increased so that entry into the science bilghoibi (supernatural or spiritual). With the science of metaphysics will be revealed what religion. These truths and the mysteries of religion that have been considered a mysterious, mystical, supernatural, and so on will be real, real, and can be explained scientifically. This is similar to the chemical events which had once been considered a mysterious, fortune-telling, magic, to scare, etc., with a real chemistry, real, and can be explained scientifically.

With the science of metaphysics is clear that none other religion consists of a distinguished real laws of nature as well as other non-universe consists of the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. It's just that the dignity and religious dimension of the laws is higher and the absolute and perfect.

With a plausible explanation and the scientific teachings of religion can be explained logically, so faith increased to ilmul-confident, so on to aynul-confident, and ultimately haqqul-confident. Without a logical explanation then religion becomes dogma. Without a logical explanation just swallow the religious teachings without internalized the goals and objectives
Solid faith who can ward off various attacks atheism. So, with scientific metaphysics is that we can appreciate how the absence of religion then the humans could not believe in God. "Religion, believe in God has proved to be the greatest blessing ever existed for mankind and humanity in this life and the Hereafter" (Yahya: 1981).

Back in the earlier case, the results of observation and metaphysical approach to the technique the result is very surprising, it turns out the patient's body behind his attitude was controlled by Jin beings who sneak inside his body and it can be more than one can even dozens with different characters and have the name and place tingal different, and strangely he can be invited to communications like our fellow talks.

From the FAQ we did result Jin motivation that can infiltrate because they feel empathy with the suffering, or be opposed to the patient who feels disturbed by his existence, and the need to look out for is his motivation could be misleading to be & go faction into the Fire.

Furthermore, after we told Jin breaks away all, finally there is a change in the patient that his aura began to shine, attitude and tone of voice seemed different from the previous. But the case could come back depending on the level of faith and worship to GOD Almighty. Insha Allah if we are always close to the same GOD Almighty and iklas there is a way out and always gets its protection .. Amen ..!

Surely all this we did with the objective case can be completed and in haqqul membuktikkan-believe truths that have been written from the Quran verses. Some samples of patients that we took in a healthy condition and conscious physical like normal people in general, also interacting and doing daily activities - day. Only he did not know if his attitude is influenced by the Jin (Satan).

And from some people that we made the observation and the object of research there is a clean and undisturbed from the influence of Jinn (Satan)

Did I not commanded you, O Children of Adam so that you do not worship the devil? Verily Satan is the real enemy for you. And that ye worship Me. This is the right path. Indeed it has been misleading sebahagian dickens great among you. So there you not understand? (Surah Ya Sin: 60-62)

Remember that we have enemies who aim to take us away from God, His religion and the Koran. He never saw no hope of even a second rancanganya; sentiasa look for opportunities to fulfill their duties. He can see us than the angle we can not see it. And he mencuba various ways to trap us. Rather than its nature one is in hiding. Tactics and traps may berbeza to someone. Tactics used also depends on the time, place and situation. Our enemy is the devil intended, being driven away than the sight of God.
Majoriti opposite than what humans think, the devil is not a fantasy creature. D exam iatas Sebahagian than this earth, it is necessary seeorang guard than the devil. This kerana, after menderhaka to God, devil vowed to mislead God's servants. Intractability of this devil is stated in the Qur'an contain the following:
Verily we have created you (Adam), then we form the body and then We said to the angels, "prostrate yourselves before Adam", so they prostrated except Iblis. He did not include those who prostrate. He said: "What prevents you to prostrate (to Adam) in the time I told you?" Answering the devil: "I am more of it: You created me from fire while he Thou hast created from the ground." He said: "Descend from heaven that: kerana you should not boast in it, came forth, ye among those who despised. "He said:" Give me respite till the time they are raised up. "He said:" Verily thou of those reprieved. "He said : "Kerana You have punished me astray, I am really going to (block) them from the way you are straight. Then I will come to them from the face of the front and from behind them, from right and left of them. And you will not find most of them thankful (obedience). "He said:" Get out of heaven was as humiliated and driven out. Surely whoever among them follow you, really I fill hell with you all. "(Surah al-A'raf: 11-18).
As explained in the paragraph above, the devil is the enemy of real human. He will continue to mislead us with a way to arouse us. However, an important case that we need to understand here, as stated in the paragraph above, the main matlamat devil is to affect us and other human beings who follow her. The cursed devil will not despair that we are entering Hell. By then, remember, we all need to be careful with the devil and did not follow his temptation.

From the few snippets of this article can be a reference mudah2an further research, and we are ready to work together to uncover further both empirically and scientifically. (Foundation Jagad Buana)


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